[The Extra Mile]

Sometimes we’re asked for ideas for a solution where the client can’t quite visualise what they want or don’t know how to implement an idea. Below are a few examples of solutions we’ve designed, fabricated or delivered.

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[Lego Millennium Falcon]

The client had an impressive collection of various Lego models, of which he would like a couple showcased within the project. He is a huge fan of Star Wars and wanted to mount the 5,200 piece Lego Millennium Falcon somewhere. After a few ideas we came up with a design and fabrication of a pull-out mount that would enable the Lego model to be mounted on the side wall of the cinema in such a way that it might look as though it were flying. To add to the effect, we installed tiny LED lights in the model to give it a realistic afterburner.

[Detail Lighting]

Lighting doesn’t just have to be practical, it can be fun! Highlighting little things or showing off items of pride can be implemented with imagination & flare, stair ways can be lit subtly or with the “Yellow Brick Road” effect! From Star Fields to glass shelves or even lighting a whole room without the need for down lighters, it’s all possible and with the added fun of controlling it from a touch key pad or tablet!

[Floating Glass shelves]

What can we say!……………. Glass shelves that look like they’re floating! It’s clean & uncluttered, gives a very different look and highlights the contents beautifully.

[Hanging Wall Art]

The client wanted to find a way of mounting his three pieces of Damien Hurst artwork, the tricky bit was that the skate boards were not to be marked or damaged in any way whilst being able to move or twist them to see the other side! Seeking the help from one of our suppliers of high end Billet Aluminium screen mounts, they custom fabricated a mount plate that secured to the board using the existing holes that are utilised by the skate trucks & wheels. The boards can be swivelled, tilted & swapped over without danger of damaging the artwork.